When nobody else wanted the job, Marguerite Vogt stepped in. Working from early morning until late at night in a small, isolated basement laboratory at the California Institute of Technology, Vogt painstakingly handled test tubes and petri dishes under a fume hood: incubating, pipetting, centrifuging, incubating again. She was tryingContinue Reading

A year and a half of pandemic has left many children struggling academically and emotionally. At the start of a school year, kids usually show up with oversized backpacks stocked with fresh pencils, crisp notebooks and snacks. This back-to-school season, many children will carry extra baggage. Eighteen months of anContinue Reading

A surprising cellular defensive strategy could inspire new antibiotics. When faced with bacterial invaders, some human cells dispense a surprising substance: soap. These cells, which aren’t part of the immune system, unleash a detergent-like protein that dissolves chunks of the inner membranes of bacteria, killing the infiltrators, researchers report inContinue Reading